Position Title: Circuits Research Staff Member

Reporting to: CTO

Company Overview

Ambiq Micro is a fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, TX developing the world’s most energy efficient integrated circuits for electronic devices with multi-month, multi-year, and multi-decade battery lives.  Using technology originally invented by leading low power circuit researchers at the University of Michigan, Ambiq is developing a series of ultra-low power products on the Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) Platform.  The company’s first product is the world’s most energy-efficient real-time clock and has gained significant customer traction to date.  The company’s next product will be the first in a line of ultra-low power ARM Cortex-based microcontrollers.  Key markets include wearables, smart cards, wireless sensors, watches, medical devices, and a wide variety of other wireless devices.  Ambiq has adopted a customer-focused approach and will evolve its product line according to the needs of customers seeking to develop smaller, less expensive products with longer battery life.

The Ambiq team includes low power experts and industry veterans and is growing quickly.  New team members will join an evolving and exciting environment that values technology-based innovation, adaptation, and, above all, an enthusiasm for energy efficiency.

Scope and Responsibilities

The Circuits Research Staff Member (CRSM) will lead the cutting-edge development of ultra-low power circuits for Ambiq Micro’s next-generation products.  As part of the CTO’s team, the CRSM will develop technologies that help Ambiq Micro achieve its next 10X in power savings and will then quickly transition the technology to the product development team.  The CRSM will focus on data converters, energy harvesters, sensor converter front ends, and a variety of other challenging analog circuits.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Identify opportunities for circuit-related energy savings in Ambiq Micro’s product roadmap
  • Architect new circuits to achieve energy savings and develop qualification-worthy test chips to prove energy savings
  • Measure test chips and guide any related qualification efforts with validation and test engineers
  • Work with the product development team to transition new circuit architectures into Ambiq
  • Micro’s products
  • Interface with foundry to ensure process compatibility with new circuit innovations
  • Develop strong IP (i.e., patents, design methodologies, etc.) around newly created circuit technologies
  • Work with the CTO and VP of Marketing to shape Ambiq Micro’s product roadmap and technology roadmap

Experience Required

The CRSM should be a research engineer comfortable with independent circuit development from idea through design and validation.  A deep knowledge of a variety of analog circuits including data converters and energy harvesters is extremely important.

Specific Experience

  • Ph.D. in related field or a master’s degree and 5+ years of research experience
  • Experience developing novel circuit concepts from idea to architecture to design to post-silicon validation
  • Experience developing cutting edge data converters and energy harvesting circuitry
  • A knowledge of device physics and its role in high-performance analog design
  • Experience developing ultra-low power and sub-threshold-biased circuits is highly desirable
  • Experience developing circuits for MEMS sensors is highly desirable
  • Experience transferring research concepts to actual production is highly desirable

Key Personal and Professional Attributes

Ambiq Micro management is building a company that values continued technology innovation, a fanatical attention to customer needs, collaborative decision making, and, above all, enthusiasm for energy efficiency.  The incoming candidate should embrace these same values.  The successful candidate must be self-motivated, extremely creative, and should be comfortable learning exciting new technologies.  This is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to work on complex, interesting, and challenging projects.

Please submit resumes to careers@ambiqmicro.com