Broadly speaking, the Internet of Things (IoT) describes a world in which physical objects are capable of autonomously transferring data about themselves and their environment to other devices.  At the heart of this diverse and scattered ecosystem are sensor nodes whose job is to collect information via environmental, physical, or relational sensors then process and transmit that information to the users or the cloud for further processing and analysis. That data can be used to trigger actions, to track changes or pass on useful information to make users’ lives better and more convenient or enable machine to be more efficient.

The drive to develop a new generation of sensor devices that are always on and always aware will increasingly push the boundaries of ultra-low power.  By dramatically reducing overall system power, these systems will be able to last much longer on their batteries or use smaller batteries to reduce size, and also require little to no maintenance to make them more user friendly and ubiquitous.

Ambiq Micro’s ultra-low power Apollo family microcontrollers with SPOT technology are key enablers for this new generation of sensors by enabling them always on and always aware with its industry leading energy efficiency and integrated ARM Cortex M4F processor.

Ultra Low-Power MCU

The Ambiq Micro Apollo family MCU plays three key roles in IoT sensors:

  1. Interface with multiple sensors and provide processing locally to fuse sensor data and as well as managing the device
  2. Allows IoT device developers to put their unique application and algorithm on the devices to make them more intelligent and more user friendly
  3. Significantly reduce power consumption compared to traditional solution to allow innovative form factors or have longer battery life to reduce charging and maintenance

We welcome you to discuss with us about your innovative IoT applications and see how you can leverage Amibiq Micro’s Apollo family MCU to make your product more intelligent, more compact size, and with longer battery life.