Wearable devices have become a daily part of consumer’s lives, but batteries never last long enough. The battery-life problem continues to degrade the user experience due to the frequent need to recharge or replace batteries. To prolong battery life, wearable device makers have sacrificed functionality and space with bulky designs to accommodate additional battery capacity.

Now, imagine wearable devices that can run for over a year on a primary/disposable battery or go months between charging rechargeable batteries.  Imagine smaller, compact, and more innovative industrial designs enabled by smaller or thinner batteries.  Imagine new functionality, accuracy and intelligence with the increased power budget!

Ultra-Low Power MCU

Through the innovation of Ambiq Micro’s ultra-low power Apollo family microcontrollers with SPOT technology, it is now possible to design wearable devices with longer battery life, small and compact form factor, and still with full functionality and intelligence.

The Ambiq Micro Apollo family MCU has a built in ARM Cortex M4F processor, and a rich set of peripherals to interface with sensors as well as providing other inter connections in a wearable system. Also its compact size can offer wearable device makers the perfect platform to develop their next generation wearable devices.

We welcome you to discuss with us about your next wearable device and see how you can leverage Amibiq Micro’s Apollo family MCU to make your product more intelligent, more compact size, and with longer battery life.