Position Title: Firmware Engineer 1 (Sensors & Algorithms)

Reporting to: Director of Systems and Software

Location: Austin, TX

Company Overview

Ambiq Micro is a fabless semiconductor company based in Austin, TX developing the world’s most energy efficient integrated circuits for electronic devices with multi-month, multi-year, and multi-decade battery lives. Using technology originally invented by leading low power circuit researchers at the University of Michigan, Ambiq is developing a series of ultra-low power products on the Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) Platform. The company’s first product is the world’s most energy-efficient real-time clock and has gained significant customer traction to date. The company’s next product will be the first in a line of ultra-low power ARM Cortex-based microcontrollers. Key markets include wearables, smart cards, wireless sensors, watches, medical devices, and a wide variety of other wireless devices. Ambiq has adopted a customer- focused approach and will evolve its product line according to the needs of customers seeking to develop smaller, less expensive products with longer battery life.

The Ambiq team includes low power experts and industry veterans and is growing quickly. New team members will join an evolving and exciting environment that values technology-based innovation, adaptation, and, above all, an enthusiasm for energy efficiency.

Scope and Responsibilities

The Sensor and Algorithms Firmware Engineer is responsible for defining, developing, and supporting the capture and fusion of samples from the many sensor devices found in wearable devices and “things” for the internet of things. In addition, this person shall select, implement and refine algorithms for sensor fusion. This person will also work with 3rd party suppliers of context analysis software for wearables applications to support the porting and integration of their packages with the AmbiqSuite firmware.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assist with the definition and architecture of the embedded firmware package for Ambiq
  • Micro’s MCU platforms.
  • Design and develop your assigned algorithms and embedded firmware components.
  • Select, implement and test the requisite algorithms for Ambiq Micro’s sensor platform.
  • Develop test plans for the embedded firmware packages.
  • Implement and execute test cases as defined in the test plan.
  • Assist with the definition and development of the test automation harness for the firmware.
  • Suggest, define and develop demonstration applications for the Ambiq Micro MCU and its firmware packages.
  • Develop embedded processor demonstration applications to connect with Android phones and tablets to enhance the effectiveness of our demonstration platforms.

Experience Required

The Sensor and Algorithms Firmware Engineer should have extensive experience in algorithm selection, definition, and realization in embedded firmware applications. A deep knowledge of optimization techniques is important.

Specific Experience

  • MS in ECE or Computer Science and 4+ years of experience or BS ECE/CS with 6+ years of experience. Non-degreed candidates with 8+ year’s applicable experience will be considered.
  • Extensive experience selecting, defining, implementing and testing numerical algorithms and user interfacing is required.
  • Experience working with and developing firmware for embedded MCUs and controllers required.
  • Experience developing firmware for Arm Cortex Processors or similar processors required.
  • Experience developing embedded MCU code in C and assembly language required.
  • Experience developing host applications for Android platforms is highly desirable.
  • Experience working hands-on in the lab.
  • Experience with at least one MCU IDE from ARM, Keil, IAR, GHS, and gnu gcc or other.
  • Experience with cross development on Linux platforms required.
  • Excellent problem solving skills dealing with complex system level issues related to HW/SW debug.
  • Experience developing for Android

Key Personal and Professional Attributes

Ambiq Micro management is building a company that values continued technology innovation, a fanatical attention to customer needs, collaborative decision making, and, above all, enthusiasm for energy efficiency. The incoming candidate should embrace these same values. The successful candidate must be self-motivated, extremely creative, and should be comfortable learning exciting new technologies. This is an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to work on complex, interesting, and challenging projects.

Please submit resumes to careers@ambiqmicro.com