Energy consumption challenges consumer appeal of wearables

September’s long-awaited Apple Watch announcement made no mention of battery life, which was strange given that power is the burning issue within wearables. Sony’s Smartwatch 2 will provide three to four days of battery life, [...]

Fitness data heads for the clouds

The wearable sensor market is projected to jump sevenfold from 67 million units in 2013 to 466 million in 2019, with the average wearable device containing 4.1 sensors by this time compared to 1.4 sensors [...]

Powering Wearables (and Giving Batteries a Better Life)

A fresh batch of growth predictions on wearables has once again highlighted the (wrist) burning question of power usage. 22 million wearable devices will be shipped this year — more than double last year's 9.7 million. [...]

It’s a Low Power Revolution – Let the Battle Begin

Mike Salas, Ambiq Micro, Remember the processor wars of the 90’s? As an interested bystander at the time, it was fascinating to stand back and watch as Intel and AMD battled back and forth, [...]