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Flexible thinking the key to wearable products

Explosive growth in the wearables market has moved from hope to expectation. Analysis firm IDTechEx puts the market at $20B in 2015, growing to $70B by 2024. Perhaps even more significantly, the sector has the [...]

Battery Technologies of the Future

So many of the electronics used today depend on batteries. From hearing aids to smartphones to electric vehicles, battery life is important. The reigning battery type over the last couple of decades is the lithium [...]

The outlook for wearables in 2015

Recent forecasts for the wearables market show continued optimism and growth, but the numbers are dialed back from forecasts from just a year ago. Future source Consulting’s November 2014 report estimates that 52 million units [...]

Sub-threshold ARM-based MCU with 10X Lower Power is Here

Sub-threshold operation has been percolating for some time, but finally there is a microcontroller (MCU) available based on the new technology which delivers substantial power savings over conventional designs. Ambiq Micro has just released the [...]

4 ways to extend battery life in wearables

It’s no secret that batteries are the main constraint in wearable technology today, causing bulky form factors and reducing operational time between battery recharges to days, if not hours. While thin and flexible high-capacity batteries [...]