Ultra-low power MCU’s
Ultra-low power RTC’s

Our ultra-low power real-time clock (RTC) and microcontroller (MCU) products, based on the SPOT™ platform, are key enablers for many different markets including wearables, smart cards, wireless sensors and IoT.


Our ultra-low power products will change the way you think about wearable devices.

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Smart Cards

Our ultra-low power Real-Time Clock (RTC) device is a key enabler for a new generation of smart cards.

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Sensors and IoT

Enabling the “Internet of Things” via Ultra-Low Power Wireless Sensors

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Join the low power revolution

Batteries deserve a better life. Let’s work together to give batteries (and the systems they are in) the life they deserve. Ambiq Micro is leading a low power revolution and we need people willing to help make that dream a reality.

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