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The SPOTTM PlatformOur Ultra-Low Power Breakthrough

Ambiq Micro is an advanced semiconductor company that is redefining the meaning of ultra-low power semiconductors. Ambiq Micro has developed an advanced CMOS semiconductor platform -- SPOT™ (Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology) -- that dramatically reduces the system power requirements for semiconductors used in energy critical applications.


World's Lowest PowerRTC + Power Management

The Ambiq Micro power management capable RTC is the world’s lowest power real-time clock, requiring only 22nA for many applications while retaining a rich feature set. The Ambiq Micro RTC solves the tough problems facing product designers today – extending battery life while lowering product cost.


Just thebeginning

Ambiq Micro is developing a broad portfolio of ultra-low power semiconductor products for smart cards, wireless sensors, medical devices and a wide range of applications where nanoamps really matter.